PATHWAY is the idea that aims to sustain projects and enhance economic growth, by providing new opportunities to children, youth and adults, opening to them new horizons – and all, through education and professional training. Crucial to each and every one of Mitrelli’s diverse projects is education. By weaving teaching and training into its projects Mitrelli ensures the schemes will be long lasting, self-sustaining and self-perpetuating.

PATHWAY’s education programs are matched to the immediate needs of that society, both in cities and in rural areas, creating paths to a better future.

Mature adults need vocational training; young people may need to acquire a profession. So youth villages, vocational training centers and mobile classrooms all provide safe, protective and creative answers that enable people to learn and thrive. Furthermore, in order to build the most suitable learning environment PATHWAY also trains the teachers, develops an appropriate curriculum and supplies the necessary equipment and literature.

PATHWAY In Action:

Youth Villages

Mitrelli believes that investing in the education of the young generation is crucial for the development of any society or culture. The Mitrelli Youth Village Project in Angola offers hope to children who are victims of conflict. These youth villages are integrated, self-supporting communities in which for three years the children live, work and learn. They are given an elementary and professional education, in a supportive and protective environment that gives them a sense of belonging. This supportive system provides its students with knowledge, skills, cultural and religious identity and confidence, allowing them to flourish.

It is not just the individual children who benefit. The vocational education and training in essential skills that the children, having graduated, bring back home, can be developed in their village for the advancement of their community. This way, both the child and his or her community gain.



Mitrelli’s approach is always to offer comprehensive solutions. Therefore the planning and construction of the village includes full infrastructure. Roads, telecommunications, water supply and electricity are provided, as well as housing, communal buildings, classrooms and even the greenhouses, sheds and livestock needed to support the community through agriculture.

In addition, the classrooms are fully equipped with advanced telecoms, IT  and all the required ancillary equipment. In the vocational workshops the students learn agricultural technologies, carpentry, mechanical studies, computer skills, and take part in workshops. Mitrelli also invests in the teachers and in the operating staff who are local to the village. By giving them special training in a variety of fields Mitrelli enables them to better serve the students and understand their needs, while enhancing the experience of the teachers themselves, allowing them to serve as long term mentors for their students.



Mitrelli will remain in place to operate the village while teaching and assisting the local staff. As time goes by, Mitrelli slowly passes on the management of the village to local management and well-trained teachers – handing over control to them.

PATHWAY – success builds success.

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