Research and Analysis for Production and Development – This is Mitrelli’s approach to construction and development. The foundation of a building is more than multiple layers of concrete. It is planning, research, knowledge – but first and foremost, it is vision. RAPID puts a strong emphasis on preliminary research to enhance both the quality and the adaptability of the build so that it will best suit its habitat and inhabitants. This spans everything from the architectural idea at the outset, right through to researching appropriate materials; from sensitivity to cultural norms in city planning, to construction of buildings; from planning a viable road network to

accommodate communal spaces, to training local people in all these disciplines. RAPID is then self-fulfilling. Research is the first step, which means there is a fully formed plan before any construction can begin. The plan takes into account site conditions and cultural fabric, the views of governments, and the requirements of investors. Only when all parties are sure of the fully research-backed plan will construction take place. It is then that paper plans will grow into the reality of a flourishing community.

RAPID In Action:

40,000 Unit Housing Project

A 40,000-unit housing project in Angola using Aerated Autoclaved Concrete (AAC) enables the creation of affordable housing communities. The research was intense and analysis thorough before Autoclaved Aerated Concrete was chosen as the most suitable solution for constructing affordable, sustainable houses in six different provinces of Angola. The Aerated Autoclaved Concrete panels provide a modern, light-weight, safe and advanced technology and an environmentally friendly pre-cast building system.

Mitrelli planned this outstanding process following research into the most suitable material, its specifications, its production in Europe and its shipping and handling to Angola. The 40,000 units would be built in Angola over two years, with minimum costs and high production values. Mitrelli has shown that initial planning and research can actually speed up the building process. AACs are the building blocks that enable production to be speedy, their light weight keeping transport costs low.


Alongside infrastructure and finishing materials, AACs also allow the houses built to be of better quality, yet cheaper. Architectural planning places the houses within a community environment, which adds to the attractive nature of the homes. The 40K Housing Project has harnessed all these advantages, both conomic and environmental, in order to significantly improve the quality of building and construction in developing areas where materials may be scarce or costly. By using locally sourced raw materials and a fast modular system, RAPID has proven its commitment to providing sustainable home solutions.