About Us

Mitrelli – Where ideas come to life

Mitrelli is exceptional and unparalleled. Mitrelli turns ideas into reality.
There are companies that seek solutions. There are others that deliver sustainable results. Mitrelli is the sum of both these parts.

Mitrelli thinks large and whole. It is an international commercial enterprise that specializes in large-scale, long-term projects that create “out of the box” solutions. Its success lies in its ability to study the needs of local population and the demands of host government: it is flexible, adaptable, and offers truly innovative solutions. From fields as diverse as agriculture and rural development to those of education and health training, from information systems to telecom projects, Mitrelli will initiate and develop systems that become self-sustaining. Mitrelli’s commitment to that goal makes this company unlike any other.

Mitrelli’s Vision

Mitrelli focuses on large scale, tailor made and integrative projects that enable national growth and progress. By contributing its experience and expertise it can overcome the most complex challenges.

Each of its projects adds to a remarkable collection of blueprints for existing and future operations. Mitrelli calls these its ‘Action Paradigms’–tools to illustrate and explain each life-changing success.



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