AGUA refers to the design and implementation of large-scale water projects for both irrigation and industrial sectors in municipalities and rural villages. Fresh, clean water for drinking, sanitation and hygiene is the most basic of all human rights. It is not a luxury. According to a United Nations General Assembly resolution it is a prerequisite to the realization of all human rights. And yet throughout the world there is a crippling shortage of portable water, which means that a basic right is unattained, and diseases rife. It is on millions of women, living in rural areas of Africa and Asia, that this burden of inequality falls. They spend several hours each and every day travelling great

distances to fetch and carry the heavy load of water. While there are many worthy international organizations that deliver portable and sanitary water, Mitrelli’s AGUA approach is all encompassing. Its basic tenet is that success can be guaranteed through analysis – a thorough survey has to be carried out before water purification systems are put in place; adaptability –tailor making purification systems to individual conditions; and continuity – ensuring the upkeep of the water system is operated by local people in their own community. The system is then enduring.

Agua In Action:

Water for all

Water For All is one of Mitrelli’s most ambitious projects to date. This project aims to construct the infrastructure to supply 180 remote villages throughout Angola with fresh, clean, potable water, and to ensure the supply continues. Funded by the Angolan Government and enabled by Mitrelli’s expertise, the project is trying to do something that no other organization has attempted. An individual water network has been planned for each of the 180 villages, and depending on the village’s size, at least two showers will be installed, as well as basins, laundry tubs and sewage control. The effect of these facilities on the villages will be an astronomic improvement in health.


The challenges of achieving safe water in 180 remote villages are countless, so Mitrelli has conducted thorough research, using surveys, in order to achieve success and sustainability. Some of the villages chosen are near a water source, which means water could easily be pumped into cleaning tanks and so into a pipeline network that would supply the village with fresh water. Where villages do not have access to a water source, paved roads are planned and other logistical obstacles will be dealt with, in order for this project to have the best chance of success.


Mitrelli understands that without training local people the prospects of sustaining the water supply are slim, so a training programe is incorporated at every stage of the project. Members of the local population are being trained in maintenance and in mechanics, in attending to the filter tanks at the source of the network, and in servicing the pumps and the pipework. Moreover, the population will be taught the basics of personal sanitation, the importance of showers, hand washing, sewage control, and more.

Water For All is now in full capacity, developing and implementing this vast network that will change millions of lives, creating for them a better future.


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