Our projects underpin the development of agriculture and its industries. They create agro-industrial centers that support agricultural practice. Based on the concept of a model agricultural settlement, we fuse agricultural production with the services and social provisions that make agriculture viable. Time and again we have shown that once the correct and most suitable structure is in place, settlements become vibrant, self-sufficient and self-perpetuating businesses.

The key to the success of an agricultural project is in creating the support structure around which it can achieve self-sufficiency. It may be a single farm or a whole community, it can be anything from growing vegetables to poultry, from field crops to operating a slaughterhouse, but in any case, our skills lie in putting in place whole solutions to enable the core business to thrive. We believe that at the heart of any project are people.


Agricultural Farms

Building and reconstruction of agricultural farms, including agricultural operation and management, livestock and poultry breeding, as well as advanced solutions for open field crops, greenhouses and irrigation systems. Our agriculture farms are built and managed according to customer requirements and market demand. Within this framework we set-up and implemented agro-farming technologies to increase local knowledge and sustainable farming methods. Over the years, we have implemented more than 20 regional farms for cereals, vegetables, dairy and egg production in multiple locations in developing countries.
Agriculture Mitrelli
Mitrelli Agriculture

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