Education is crucial to every one of our diverse projects which aim to sustain and enhance economic growth, by providing new opportunities to children, youth and adults, opening them new horizons. Specific programs in this sector are matched to the immediate needs of society, both in urban and in rural areas, creating paths to a better future.


While adults may need vocational training, young people often need to acquire a profession. Youth villages, entrepreneurship centers and professional training programs provide safe, protective and creative answers that enable people to learn and thrive. Furthermore, in order to build the most suitable learning environment our projects also train teachers, develop appropriate curricula and supply all the necessary equipment and materials.


Youth Villages

Our youth villages offer hope to at-risk children and youth in integrated, self-supporting communities where for up to three years they learn, develop their capabilities and contribute to the sustainability of the project.

Mitrelli Education

But there is more to it. The essential skills that the students bring back home, can be developed in their villages for the advancement of their communities. This is a win-win situation for all.

Mitrelli Education

For more information please visit Mitrelli’s subsidiary:Focus Education-Mitrelli