To ensure access to affordable and reliable energy for all, allow communities to develop their economies and improve the quality of life of their citizens, we present leading-edge solutions in electricity production, transmission and distribution, including planning, construction and maintenance of electrical power plants and power distribution lines. Our projects provide long-term life cycle services in urban and rural environments for power production, transport and distribution, such as substations, overhead lines and mini grids where necessary, including smart-metering solutions.

In the power production we develop innovative solutions with gas turbines, combined cycle and hydroelectric plants, as well as solar and wind farms. To achieve local autonomy, we ensure specialized training enabling local teams to operate and maintain any project throughout its life cycle.


Power Transmission Lines

Expanding power grids to rural areas including the construction of hundreds of quilometers of high voltage overhead powerlines and building substations, we establish the connection between grids and bring electricity to rural and urban environments.

Mitrelli Energy

Mitrelli Energy

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