The foundation of a building is more than multiple layers of concrete. It is planning, research and knowledge, but first and foremost, it is vision. Our housing and construction projects put a strong emphasis on preliminary research to enhance both the quality and the adaptability of the building so that it will best suit its habitat and inhabitants. This spans everything from the architectural idea at the outset, right through to researching appropriate materials, from sensitivity to cultural norms in city planning, to construction of buildings, from planning a viable road network to accommodate communal spaces, to training local people in all these disciplines.

Research is the first step, which means there is a fully formed plan before any construction can begin. The plan takes into account site conditions and cultural fabric, national priorities, and the clients’ requirements allowing it to grow into a flourishing community.


Large-Scale Housing Projects

Our urban communities are associated with a concept that goes beyond the massive process of housing construction in developing countries. It is about creating a suitable place for families and the community to live and flourish, with modern facilities and infrastructures that provide good living conditions: suitable housing, quality urban infrastructures, educational and healthcare facilities, commercial and service areas, green and leisure areas. Everything is planned from managing the complete cycles of project life, including technical and financial studies to ensuring full integration with local culture and environment.

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