The availability of good quality drinking water is among the most basic of human rights, according to a United Nations General Assembly resolution. And yet throughout the world there is a crippling shortage of drinking water, which means low quality of life and diseases.



Our approach to water projects, including the design and implementation of large-scale water projects for both irrigation and industrial sectors in rural and urban areas, is all encompassing. Based on comprehensive surveys carried out beforehand, tailor-made solutions are implemented, ensuring that the upkeep of the water systems is operated by the community. The system is then enduring.




Water For All

To ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation, one of our most ambitious projects, “Water For All”, aims to provide remote villages with a continuous and reliable supply of drinking water. This project is about the implementation of individual water networks specifically designed for each village. Depending on the communities’ dimension, fountains, taps, basins, laundry tubs and sewage control systems are installed to meet the needs. These facilities represent a huge improvement in the quality of life and health conditions of the populations. Training programmes and sensibilization campaigns for the members of the communities on the importance of the correct use of the water systems are incorporated at every stage of the project.

Mitrelli Water

Mitrelli Water

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