Mitrelli’s approach to its medical sector goes beyond merely responding to a need – it puts in place a system that supports a complete overview of health needs, an idea it calls EFFECT.

EFFECT creates and controls three distinct operational spheres – projects, services and supplies – and links them, so each sphere works with and understands the others. EFFECT specializes in planning, building and operating medical facilities such as hospitals, specialist clinics and mobile units – the fundamental infrastructure for response and care. EFFECT provides services such as analysis of needs, management, training and technical support – it is the human machine that enables the physical structure to work. EFFECT also supplies pharmaceuticals, capital equipment and consumables.

EFFECT enables these three spheres to work together.

The solutions, based on professional study with the best experts, are tailor-made to target the problem. For example, an ambulance service, however efficient, is not enough if the hospital emergency service cannot receive it. The best medical equipment is only of use when in the hands of trained individuals – the need for which has been perceived by effective management. EFFECT delivers the structure and the solution. Excellence in healthcare results from expert and in-depth analysis of the problem. An EFFECTive solution is a thorough overview of healthcare needs answered by world class, cost-effective and innovative solutions.

EFFECT In Action:

Mobile Health units

A network of 20 superbly equipped mobile hospitals and medical clinics has been set up in Angola to serve the rural parts of the nation. They provide healthcare to a population of more than a million, people who have no other access to hospitals or any other medical facility. These medical units offer general medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatric medicine, diagnostics, imaging and dentistry, right through to public health programs where practices for good health are taught to the population. As ever with a Mitrelli project, education plays a core part.


Because they are mobile, the units can be deployed speedily and to those areas that are otherwise be deprived of healthcare.  As a result many more people are cared for than could be reached before their inception. Each clinic is an autonomous and highly flexible unit that is equipped to deal with a variety of health issues.  The mobile clinics are operated by local nurses and doctors, who are fully trained to diagnose and administer treatment. By coordinating with the government, EFFECT can develop locally relevant special programs, as well as regular and routine procedures for good health.

EFFECT is a simple idea that provides the impetus to strive towards international health standards.