Mitrelli – Where ideas come to life

Mitrelli is an international Group of companies that, with an accumulated vast experience in developing countries, initiates, designs, executes and operates large-scale, long-term sustainable turnkey projects, providing financial solutions where required. Developing unique, innovative, and comprehensive solutions, with experienced multidisciplinary specialist teams that face the most complex challenges, we are focused on projects that promote national growth and prosperity, ensuring transfer of know-how and adequate training.

Working in collaboration with governmental and private entities, Mitrelli is dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of developing nations and growing societies around the world, matching the needs of local populations and national priorities. Developed mostly in Africa, namely in Angola, Côte d’Ivoire and Senegal, our state-of-the-art projects are flexible, adaptable and offer truly innovative and self-sustaining solutions, striving to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which address global challenges, including, inter alia, those related to poverty, inequality, consequences of climate change, access to education and basic infrastructures.

Every project begins with an assessment of the requirements, including a detailed analysis of the local community needs, followed by our extensive experience to adapt, implement and deliver the most suitable solution for any given situation. Our emphasis is on social and cultural aspects, to empower entire communities to take advantage of their skills and resources.


Our Vision

To lead in the creation and development of innovative solutions that improve the well-being of populations in developing countries, taking into consideration the local cultures, whilst upholding the Group’s values and the enhancement of its human capital.


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