Mitrelli Values

Mutual Respect

The basis for our success lies on being united and coordinated. The key to this is the ability of each employee to cherish the differences and see each person as a human being, and the ability to work with each other and with our customers through an open and positive communication, based on mutual respect.



We believe that a strong connection between different people and cultures generates our unique power. Sharing ideas and being there for each other, professionally and personally, empowers us as individuals and as a company. That is why it is so important that every one of us, employees and managers, act with devotion, mutual support, and strong solidarity towards our colleagues.

Mitrelli Values


Striving for excellence motivates us constantly and is reflected in every project and decision we take. We encourage each and every one of us to fulfil their personal capacity and perform duties above and beyond expectations within the array of existing tools in his/her possession.



For us, initiative and search for unique and creative solutions is a way of life, our solutions respond in full to the economic point of view and to the needs of our customers. That is why we constantly encourage thinking “outside the box” and “out of the comfort zone”. We challenge ourselves permanently to come up with new ideas, new products and new projects and processes, thus promoting the company’s values and goals.


Mitrelli Values


We do our utmost to behave fairly and honestly towards each other and towards our customers and suppliers. Therefore, we expect every employee to comply with the highest ethical standards and to provide their managers,colleagues, and external entities with reliable reports, containing full and true Information. For us, the means are no less important than the ends.