The art and culture that distinguishes a society takes generations to develop and evolve – yet it is fragile and vulnerable to irreparable change. When the traditions of Angolan song, art and dance were seen to being eroded by influence of radio, television and latterly the internet, the Fundacao Art and Culture Foundation was born.

Fundacao is a foundation that promotes local culture and supports the community. It educates children in music, dance and craft, and through reawakening and teaching traditional skills to adults, empowers them both financially and intellectually.

Formed in 2006 by the Israeli Mitrelli Group, the Fundacao Art and Culture Foundation is a privately run, not-for-profit body whose aim is to provide social support to the Angolan via through cultural and educational projects, as well as humanitarian aid and entrepreneurship.

The Foundation has already made its mark on Angola’s arts and culture sector through sustainable projects in Luanda and elsewhere. However, the larger challenge it has embraced goes beyond the limits of any single project: Fundacao aims to promote human development by transforming the lives of thousands of Angolans.

To make comprehensive change, the Foundation has initiated diverse projects all of which have art at their heart.

Sponsorship of Cultural projects

Fundacao believes in the creative potential of Angolan art in all its forms, and so a significant portion of its budget has been set aside for the Arte Viva project. This supports artists in music, theatre, dance, literature, documentary cinema and expressive arts, and with such financial backing they in turn can pass on their knowledge and love of the cultural life of Angola.
Between 2006 and 2012 more than 35 artists, previously unknown, have become involved in the promotion of local culture.


Teaching traditional arts to the younger generations not only preserves them but elevates them in the minds of the young. Whilst young people develop new talents they enrich their own lives, and as they become more creative and productive they benefit wider society.



CASA DA CULTURA {Cultural Center}


The projects initiated and supported by The Fundacao Foundation may be diverse but they have the core strength of a dedicated, physical building which is the hub of everything.

The Cultural Centre at Ingombotas opens its doors daily to children, young people and adults – indeed the whole community. It is the setting for a celebration of knowledge and artistic diversity.
Led by expert instructors, art-based activities are offered free of charge: children are led in drawing and dance workshops, they have stories in the story room or drink in their past and present in the charming Mini Museum of Everyday Things. Meanwhile young adults might be in the courtyard workshop working on graphic art, or pantomime, or the ancient rhythmic martial art of capoeira. Adults are offered lectures in all aspects of art as well as its practical application, they are taught how computers fit into their artistic life, or might opt for dressmaking, or literature. All of this is intended to help people to become aware from an early age of the world of the arts, and its ability to help them become fully rounded individuals.




Keeping alive the memory and rich traditions of all the arts depends on study and research. Discovering how and why a culture has developed enriches the experience and ensures that this generation and the next perpetuate not just the knowledge but the love of art, music and Angolan literature.

The Fundacao Foundation’s sponsorship programme for Angolan artists – Arte Viva – supports projects by artists who impress with their skills to enrich the country’s heritage. The Foundation will make available material and human resources to artists, making it possible for them to commit to their work.


Voluntários em Angola {Volunteers in Angola}

Volunteer work is a bridge between those who want to help others and those who need support. Both parties benefit: the volunteer gains satisfaction, fulfillment and experience useful in later life, while their charge has access to new and stimulating education. This is another arts-based activity that the Funacao Foundation has taken under its wing.

Volunteers in Angola is a project involving Israeli students on exchange between their home country and Angola. Using art, games and other physical activity, the volunteer  stimulates children to learn, while also developing their their speech and movement. The results have been extremely positive for all concerned.

The project is based at the Casa de Cultura in Luanda, and operates in Huambo at the Lar dos Pequeninos and Casa dos Rapazes homes, two major centres that support the children and adolescents in that province.

Since it was created, over 200 young adults and children have benefited from direct assistance from the volunteers.


Voluntários em angola LogoETUVOCI

Alongside the volunteer work the Foundation funds a number of humanitarian projects in which the community can get involved. Save a Child’s Heart offers hope of life to children with congenital heart defects.

Under the Etu Voci programme – which translates as ‘All of Us’ – women and girls are taught new, marketable skills such as dressmaking and leatherwork, enabling them to achieve not only financial security but – just as important – the confidence that comes with empowerment.


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Etu voci - impairment project for woman with swing machine

Etu voci – empowering women by training to manufacture, in this picture, with sewing machines

Kamba verde- Environmental Sustainability Project

Kamba verde – Environmental Sustainability Project

Medical clowns Clowns in action at a hospital

Medical clowns – Clowns in action at a hospital

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