Every challenge is unique

Individually, and in synergy with one another, our subsidiaries work with communities to develop sustainable, tailor-made, turnkey solutions. It's our responsibility to address their genuine needs.
Growing nations face wide-ranging challenges – in agriculture, education, healthcare and housing; in water and energy resource development, telecommunications and more. Mitrelli Group’s vision is to take the initiative in creating and developing innovative, cost-effective solutions that improve people’s wellbeing, while respecting and helping to preserve their cultural traditions. Many Mitrelli initiatives address the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, strengthening the foundations for human and national growth and prosperity.

We understand that trust must be earned. We interact with our customers in a spirit of partnership and mutual respect, learning from one another, understanding our differences, pooling our creative
energies and striving for excellence.

Every project begins with an in-depth analysis of local and national needs and capabilities, by Mitrelli Group experts. No project ends without comprehensive professional training and knowledge-transfer for local personnel, preparing them for positions of leadership. When required, Mitrelli Group also provides innovative financing solutions.

Driven by its values, the subsidiaries of Mitrelli Group work together in a spirit of solidarity, sharing their expertise to face complex, multidisciplinary challenges, and emphasize the ongoing reliability of every solution. Our singular objective: to impact the way people live – and how they shape their future.


To lead in the creation and development of innovative solutions that contribute to improve the well-being of the populations of developing countries, taking into account the local cultures while safeguarding the values of the Group and the enhancement of its human capital.


Taking the initiative and seeking unique, creative solutions is our way life, while taking into account the needs and financial capabilities of our customers. That’s why we constantly encourage thinking “outside the box”, “out of the comfort zone”. We constantly challenge ourselves to develop new ideas, new products, new projects and processes.

mutual respect

Our success rests upon foundations of unity and coordinated action. These depend upon our employees’ ability to cherish their differences and see each person as a human being, and the ability to work with one another and with our customers in open, positive communication.


Striving for excellence motivates us constantly and is reflected in every project and decision we take. We encourage each and every one of our people to realize their personal potential and to perform their duties above and beyond expectations, implementing all their abilities.


We believe that strong connections between different people and cultures generate our unique power. Sharing ideas and being there for one another, professionally and personally, empowers us as individuals and as a company. That’s why it is so important that every one of us – employees and management alike – act with devotion, mutual support, and solidarity toward our colleagues.


We strive sincerely to behave fairly and honestly toward one another and toward our customers and suppliers. We expect every employee to comply with the highest ethical standards, providing their managers, their colleagues and external entities with reliable reports, containing full and true information. In this sense, the means are truly as important as the ends.

Our approach

With a thorough understanding of the communities we serve, and their cultures, Mitrelli Group subsidiaries create solutions of consistently high quality that address real needs, providing innovative financing solutions when required. By adapting project design to local conditions and training local personnel, we assure sustainability. This is how we bring ideas to life.



the community's needs and its culture



solutions that address real needs



projects with innovative financing



to consistently high quality



sustainability through project design and training

Leading the way

Haim Taib

President and founder

Haim Taib is the Founder of Mitrelli Group, a group that focuses on improving the quality of life in developing countries; the President and Founder of Menomadin Foundation, which specializes in social impact through a blended finance approach that integrates philanthropy and impact investments; and he is also the owner of Menomadin Group, which read more
aims to maximize profits from strategic investments. Haim’s core values led him to complement his business activities with social ones, and he wishes to pave the way for this to be the agreed upon, standard way of doing business, for other businessmen to follow suit. Over the years, Haim has been working hard to establish prosperous communities whose members have the opportunities to realize their potential—he is committed to the development and empowerment of societies. Haim’s intuition, empathy and ability to connect with others on a deep level are apparent in the social projects he has established in Africa, where he conducts his business, as well as in Israel, his homeland. read less

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