Each Mitrelli subsidiary has proven expertise in its sector. When facing complex challenges, multiple companies often work together. Multidisciplinary synergy is our force multiplier — and our customers' added value.

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Water For All

Angola, 2013-2020

Water for All introduces integrated, sustainable water supply infrastructures in rural areas, supplying drinkable water via low-energy systems, with simple operation, minimal maintenance and maximum reliability.

Cuando Cubango Fish Farm

Angola, 2018-2020

A new fish production center in Angola’s Cuando Cubango Province produces 500 Tons of pond-raised tilapia per annum, while also producing feed and training technical staff.

Aldeia Nova introduced an innovative, holistic model for cooperative farming communities, combining individual farms with centralized food processing, logistics and distribution, while stressing social development while creating new sources of income.

Owini established 6 advanced wastewater treatment plants of various sizes to meet Angola’s increasing challenges, safeguarding the health of its people and the environment and enabling further development of communities and farms.

Construction of a mini hydroelectric power plant of 1.2 MW and execution of 15 KV overhead transmission line, with a total extension of 5.5 km from the power plant to the water pumping station.

Samba Lucala Grain Farm

Angola, 2016-2020

Agricultiva developed and implemented a grain farm, cultivating maize and soya. The 2,000-hectare project includes state of the art machinery, a logistics center and training facilities.

Kora created a vibrant new urban community, home to about 14,000 people. Combining residential units, commercial and community spaces, the comprehensive town plan includes infrastructures for electricity, water and sewage as well as access roads.

First Contact Sanitary Establishments (ESPC)

Côte d’Ivoire, 2020-2023

We are building and rehabilitating 349 First Contact Sanitary Establishments, which are first care medical clinics in the southern and eastern Côte d’Ivoire as part of its national program to improve the level of its healthcare services, providing professional, accessible and affordable primary and maternity care.

Following construction of a 60/30 kV 20 MVA substation, Ossi Yeto built more than 75 km of 30 kV of OHL’s in Waco Kungo and surrounding villages.

TV Zimbo

Angola, 2014-2015

New Cognito planned and established three full broadcast TV Studios for TV Zimbo, supplying and installing state-of-the-art studio backgrounds, graphic engines, camera cranes, control rooms, and more.

Field Hospitals

Angola, 2020

Promed established rapid-response field hospitals for the treatment of COVID-19 and other patients, providing access to medical care in outlying regions and helping to relieve the pressure on the country’s existing hospitals.

Focus Education established the Citizens’ Integrated Services Center in response to the request of Angola’s government to provide a single site able to conveniently provide the local population with most public services.

Save a Child’s Heart

Côte d’Ivoire, 2020

Save a Child’s Heart reinforced the capabilities of Abidjan’s Institute of Cardiology, conducted a pediatric cardiology clinic and sent five Ivorian children to Israel for life-saving surgery and catheterization.

National Radio of Angola (RNA)

Angola, 2012-2017

This turnkey project included construction and power solutions, the erection of 36 - 48-meter-high transmission towers and equipment provision and installation for radio studios and small data centers.

Geographical Infrastructure

Angola, 2014-2021

Using razor-sharp, cost-effective mapping from drones, aerial and field surveys, and state-of-the-art geodetic networks, Geodata created an accurate, up-to-date geographical infrastructure providing national and local authorities with applications for planning, controlling and managing their resources.

Owini built, equipped and implemented operation of an earthen dam to retain water, a water treatment system and water supply infrastructure feeding surrounding farmlands, enabling the use of efficient modern irrigation systems and boosting crop yields.

Promed designed, implemented and manages the internationally accredited Luanda Medical Center, a private 16 story, 6,000 m² polyclinic project in Angola’s capital city, introducing introduces a new level of patient-centric healthcare.

CLESE Lubango is one of 10 centers established by Focus Education to promote entrepreneurship and employment throughout Angola. The centers provide training and support in local communities.

National Cadaster

Angola, 2015-2021

Geodata established a national cadastral system and database, serving Angola’s urban areas. The system includes accurate parcel-based land information, aerial imagery, photogrammetric mapping, historical maps and addresses.

Desert Stars

Israel, 2018-2020

By enabling mission-driven young people to realize their leadership potential, Desert Stars strives to empower a new generation of Bedouin leaders to promote their own communities and strengthen Israeli society.

Malanje Youth Village

Angola, 2018

During 2017-2018 we designed and built the Malanje Youth Village, meant to educate, train, strengthen and empower at-risk youth in external conditions, while offering with a warm home environment.

Uíge Substation

Angola, 2018-2019

Construction of a new substation (60/15 kV 1x20 MVA) in the new Quilomosso development town, plus 17 km of 60 kV overhead power lines. The project also included a new 220/60 KV 60 MVA transformer bay in the existing Uige 1 substation.

Working as its principal partner, New Cognito provided consulting, implementation and advisory services for cybersecurity solutions to Angola’s Central Bank (Banco Nacional de Angola – BNA), helping to secure this crucial national asset.

Through the educational arts, including music, this project encourages at-risk children to leave behind the temptations of the streets and, instead, return to their relatives' homes or to foster homes.

Properties Registration

Angola, 2014-2021

A nationwide project for the legalization and regularization of some 200,000 housing properties in Angola. The project aims to promote legal, organized urban growth, while improving taxation efficiency and fostering a better business environment.

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