Each Mitrelli subsidiary has proven expertise in its sector. When facing complex challenges, multiple companies often work together. Multidisciplinary synergy is our force multiplier — and our customers' added value.

Synergetic Projects

Our mission

Many of the projects carried out by Mitrelli Group are multi-faceted, requiring the involvement of more than one of its subsidiary companies. For example, creating new towns requires not only construction, but also electromechanical works, water, energy and telecommunications infrastructures; new farming communities require not only agricultural and agro-industrial infrastructures, but also educational and healthcare facilities; telecommunications projects also require electricity supply and construction;

in addition to medical expertise, new hospitals require construction, electromechanical works, water, energy and information technology.

In addressing the challenges presented by such complex projects, Mitrelli subsidiaries work in precise collaboration with one another, leveraging the synergy inherent in their combined expertise. That’s the added value of having such varied capabilities within a single Group of companies.

What we do

Our expertise

Working together, in synergy

In Mitrelli Group’s view, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. In other words: we have developed vast expertise in realizing the benefits of coordinated effort among our subsidiaries, enabling Mitrelli to provide comprehensive turnkey solutions for all major projects, with constant attention to their ongoing sustainability.

Our achievements

Projects that make a difference in people’s lives

Mitrelli Group has created sustainable resources that directly benefit specific communities, while contributing to national growth and development. The end result is progress, leading to enhanced quality of life.

Selected projects