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Information & Communication Technologies

New Cognito

Data that empowers knowledge.

Our mission

Data is all around us. Knowing how to collect and analyze it is the key to empowering individuals, businesses, communities and governments. New Cognito brings these technological capabilities to developing nations. They’re at the heart of everything from the informatization of public and private services, to telecommunication and industrial process monitoring, border control and air-traffic control.


We deliver, install and implement cutting-edge systems for information gathering, data filtering and analysis, while providing comprehensive personnel training to ensure constant improvement and continuity. New Cognito remains attuned to today’s greatest challenges, offering advanced cybersecurity systems to ensure the safety and integrity of confidential business data and critical infrastructures.

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What we do

Our expertise

Keeping everyone in the know

New Cognito specializes in the design and deployment of leading-edge telecommunications, Information Technology and cybersecurity solutions, telecom links, telecommunications routes, as well as radio and television stations.

Our achievements

Projects for the information age

From cybersecurity for financial institutions to local and national telecommunications projects and government services, New Cognito helps strengthen financial security and social fabric, while training local personnel and creating new employment opportunities, contributing to economic and social stability and growth.

Selected projects

Some numbers

SDGs we follow

Telecom links installed


Telecommunication routes created, linking most provinces

2.9K km

New community radios established in remote provinces, providing access to local content


TV Studios renovated from scratch at ZIMBO TV with state-of-the-art technology


Ron Asher

"We aim to be the leading technological partner for knowledge creation and innovation."