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Education & Professional Training

Focus Education

A brighter future through quality education and learning opportunities.

Our mission

Knowledge is power. Focus Education sees education and professional training as keys to encouraging and sustaining economic, social and personal growth and prosperity. We tailor-make a wide range of projects for children, youth and adults. Each is adapted to the needs of specific populations and age groups, yet all focus on expanding horizons and laying the

groundwork for a better tomorrow.

We strive to make education sustainable, training local educators and educational administrators to assume responsibility for the ongoing operation of every Focus Education project. In this way, we empower the people who shape the future of nations.

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What we do

Our expertise

Imparting knowledge that changes lives

From building and equipping facilities to developing curricula recruiting and training staff, we implement turnkey solutions for academic and vocational education, in programs ranging from unique youth villages to innovative entrepreneurship centers and professional training programs.

Our achievements

Preparing people for tomorrow

From youth villages to academic and vocational education and entrepreneurship training, Focus Education prepares people to achieve their goals, while upgrading the work force and injecting financial energy into the business sphere. It also streamlines the provision of citizen services.

Selected projects

Some numbers

SDGs we follow

Training courses in business and career development subjects


Received commercial training and tools for finding jobs and opening businesses


New businesses created by graduates


Teachers taught advanced teaching techniques annually in workshops and seminars


Network of RETEP technological high schools equipped