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Bringing better healthcare to people everywhere.

Our mission

Whether in big cities or rural villages, every person deserves access to quality medical care. Promed leads the way in comprehensive healthcare solutions for both developed and developing nations, delivering state-of-the-art, scalable turnkey healthcare projects to both the public and the private sectors, on the national, regional and local levels.


We strive to promote health and wellbeing with innovative, cost-effective approaches that meet and exceed international standards. Promed plans, builds, administers and operates advanced healthcare facilities, ranging from major multidisciplinary medical centers to urban and rural hospitals, polyclinics, workers’ health clinics and mobile units for outlying areas.

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What we do

Our expertise

Comprehensive turnkey healthcare solutions

Promed collaborates with leading physicians and medical administrators and trains local staff in order to develop projects at the highest professional level. Through strategic partnerships, it delivers cost-effective solutions for the supply of equipment, pharmaceuticals and consumables.

Our achievements

From medical centers to mobile clinics

Promed takes on complex challenges, establishing facilities ranging from local clinics and mobile units to multidisciplinary national medical centers. Promed handles everything from strategic and functional planning to architectural design, construction supervision and equipment procurement, as well as consumables supply.

Selected projects

First Contact Sanitary Establishments (ESPC)

Côte d’Ivoire, 2020-2023

Field Hospitals

Angola, 2020

Some numbers

SDGs we follow

Approximate number of medical equipment supplied

400 T

Approximate number of patients since the beginning of 2020


Clinics in the process of being established