Luanda Medical Center (LMC)

Angola, 2015

Promed designed, implemented and manages the internationally accredited Luanda Medical Center, a private 16 story, 6,000 m² polyclinic project in Angola’s capital city, introducing introduces a new level of patient-centric healthcare.

Project story

LMC is a complex project, created to change how people consume health services. It includes both inpatient and ambulatory surgical centers, clinical laboratories and comprehensive multidisciplinary medical services, serving Angolans and expatriates. Its diagnostic center features advanced MRI, CT, nuclear medicine and other imaging modalities. It also focuses on preventive medicine, reflecting its commitment to excellence in health care.
Promed’s turnkey approach included everything from physical plant, through equipment, disposables and pharmaceutical supply, as well as training for administrative staff.

LMC introduced a professionally-managed health facility that has gained the trust of its clientele, providing outstanding care along with an exceptional patient experience.

The process


Promed had to overcome various operational, cultural and financial challenges during planning and execution of the project, which sought to establish new precedents for healthcare in Angola.


LMC recruited a multinational team of exceptional physicians, nurses and administrators, representing 16 different countries.


Promed created a state-of-the-art, turnkey healthcare facility staffed by top-notch medical staff from Angola and abroad, and provided all necessary equipment, furnishings, disposals and pharmaceuticals, offering both locals and ex-pats an unrivalled level of professional service and personal care.

Some numbers

SDGs we followed

Clients per day treated in its outpatient clinics


Laboratory tests annually


Approximate number of surgeries performed annually


Advanced imaging studies annually


First Angolan medical institution named a Superbrand due to its client’s level of confidence.

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