Each Mitrelli subsidiary has proven expertise in its sector. When facing complex challenges, multiple companies often work together. Multidisciplinary synergy is our force multiplier — and our customers' added value.

Housing & Construction


A new approach to sustainable, safe, resilient construction and community building.

Our mission

Communities begin with buildings. But buildings are more than concrete. They depend on solid foundations of research, planning and expertise. Operating in the real estate construction and infrastructure market, Kora creates integrated housing and commercial developments with broad social and economic impact for the people they serve.


Sustainable solutions for new residential, commercial and public structures contribute to personal quality of life as well as regional and national growth. Kora seeks to meet present and future needs, while adapting its projects to suit the cultural norms of the people it serves.

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What we do

Our expertise

A to Z construction solutions

Kora’s comprehensive approach includes everything from architectural design through material selection and construction, as well as communal spaces and road networks. We train local staff in all relevant disciplines, ensuring genuine project sustainability.

Our achievements

Planned communities for better living

In various projects, Kora has introduced a vibrant new model for planned urban communities, providing residents with a comprehensive range of physical infrastructures and services that introduce a new standard of living, while encouraging good neighborly relationships.

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