Quibaúla Development Town

Angola, 2019

Kora created a vibrant new urban community, home to about 14,000 people. Combining residential units, commercial and community spaces, the comprehensive town plan includes infrastructures for electricity, water and sewage as well as access roads.

Project story

Located about 20 km from Sumbe in Angola’s Cuanza Sul province, Qibaúla introduces a new standard of planned-community living. It has 2,010 new homes, including 1,404 apartments and 213 ground-level houses and 393 duplexes. The new town also has 156 shops of various sizes.

Kora’s comprehensive plan for Qibaúla also includes all relevant external infrastructure, such as an electricity substation, water intake system, water treatment plant and distribution network, wastewater treatment plant and access roads.
The town is also endowed with a full range of community, educational and health facilities, delivered as turnkey projects with all required equipment, IT systems and furnishings. Playgrounds and green spaces help round out this attractive new town.

In Qibaúla and other planned community projects throughout Angola, Kora is building a projected total of 18,500 residential units. In parallel it has introduced a tailormade software program and trained a specialized team to support marketing activities, setting new standards for customer service.

The process


Providing integrative housing solutions within Angola’s provinces, away from its capital city to answer the needs created by rapid population growth and the desire for improved living conditions.


Creating new planned urban communities that combine all facets need to meet the needs of its residents.


Integrative designs that can be implemented in all development towns built so far, and those and under construction, differing only in their individual layouts; using high-quality prefabricated materials that are especially suited to local conditions.

Some numbers

SDGs we followed

3· 4· 6· 11

Good health and well-being• Quality education• Clean water and sanitation• Sustainable cities and communities

Housing units the town includes


Lives changed by this vibrant urban community


In conversation
with Rodrigo Manso

Rodrigo Manso is Kora’s General Manager.

Kora is building a total of 40,000 homes, with more than 18,000 thousand already completed. In Qibaúla we are talking about 2,010 housing units. Each project begins with conceiving an urban plan, working with some of the best urban planners in the business.

We strive to create an individual identity for each town we build. To achieve that goal, we interact closely with the people and bodies involved in the future town. Together, we discuss and make crucial decisions about the town’s layout, the quantity and type of houses, connection to infrastructures such as water, electricity and basic sanitation, green spaces and leisure spaces for children.

In parallel, we define concepts that further coexistence among the future townspeople, striving for sustainable relationships among children, adults and entire families.

Delivering complex projects like these within a short time span requires an extraordinary level of know-how and a great capacity for multicultural interaction. Few entities anywhere in the world possess Kora’s level of expertise. But what really sets us apart is the relationships we develop with the people who will live in the projects we create. That’s because we do more than building cities: we build urban communities.

“We do more than building cities: we build urban communities.”

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