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Geographical Information Solutions


Connecting geography and data for sustainable land-use and terrestrial systems.

Our mission

Geographical analysis and visualization are the key to the advanced location-enabled services used to assure orderly land use, ownership registration and taxation — especially important in developing nations. Geodata’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and mapping services provide precise data for cutting-edge decision-support systems, crucial for effective asset supervision, cadaster and land management.


Wherever we operate, we seek to impact positively on people’s quality of life. Our turnkey systems help boost local and national economies, while reducing costs. In every project, Geodata creates mutually beneficial relationships with its customers, transfers knowledge and trains local personnel in preparation for assuming full, independent control over future operations.

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What we do

Our expertise

Know where you are. See where you’re going.

Geodata personnel are GIS & mapping experts, systems engineers, cartographers, land surveyors, project managers, application developers, legal consultants, and the like. They use state-of-the-art technologies, providing ‘fit for purpose’ solutions for all geo-related challenges.

Our achievements

Putting everything in order

Geodata contributes to the effective planning, control and management of land and properties, creating a reliable foundation for taxation, real-estate sales and mortgages and the basis for efficient transactions, leading to higher investments, social stability and greater confidence in government.

Selected projects

National Cadaster

Angola, 2015-2021

Geographical Infrastructure

Angola, 2014-2021

Properties Registration

Angola, 2014-2021

Some numbers

SDGs we follow

Documents scanned and digitized


Parcels registered in urban and rural cadaster


Socio-economic surveys of households


Properties registered


Aerial and drone surveys

7K km²