Each Mitrelli subsidiary has proven expertise in its sector. When facing complex challenges, multiple companies often work together. Multidisciplinary synergy is our force multiplier — and our customers' added value.

Environmental Protection


Designing and Implementing Solutions
to Protect Natural Ecosystems

Our mission

Sviva Swiss AG is working with governments and private entities to plan and implement tailor-made turnkey environmental solutions, with its main focus in management of maritime resources, preservation of forest resources, integrated waste management and management of natural disaster response and support.

We integrate world-class advanced technologies capable of protecting the natural resources and promote environmental care through education of local communities.

The combination of cutting-edge technology and forward-thinking approach is a key factor in every one of our projects, which strive to bring environmental innovation and create a better, greener world for us and for generations to come.

What we do

Our expertise

Protecting Natural Treasures

We specialize in providing innovative comprehensive solutions in environmental protection-oriented projects, aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, that contribute to the wellbeing of the local communities and the prosperity of nations.

Our goals

Acting Now on Behalf of our Future Generations

Sviva Swiss AG strengthen countries’ capabilities to preserve their natural resources, which also leads to higher OECD rankings and increased international investment. Our state-of-the-art projects strive to benefit the communities and help them become healthier, self-sufficient and contribute to their own wellbeing.