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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Operating in ways that create impact on society.

Our mission

For Mitrelli Group, operating in a responsible and sustainable manner is a way of life. Our subsidiary companies actively support initiatives where our employees live and work, contributing time and energy to community organizations, while closely monitoring its projects’ social, environmental and economic impact in order to better contribute to the broader goals of society.

Mitrelli is the main sponsor of Fundação Arte e Cultura (Art and Culture Foundation) in Angola,

part of the international philanthropy and impact investment Menomadin Foundation, which promotes local cultures and the social integration of at-risk children, youth, and women, through the arts, education, and culture. Mitrelli is also a key player in the “Save A Child’s Heart Africa”, “Shalva”, and “Desert Stars” NGOs.

Wherever we operate, we believe that our work will only be effective if combined with social benefits for people.

What we do

Our expertise

Empowering the community

We assist local communities by developing the required cultural infrastructures and promoting social inclusion projects that contribute to shaping the future of children, at-risk youth and vulnerable women.

Our achievements

Putting people at the center

Mitrelli Group promotes the social integration of at-risk children, youth, and women in Africa and the Middle East, develops new young leadership cadres and promotes health care initiatives, including life-saving cardiac procedures for thousands of children born with congenital heart defects.

Selected projects

Save a Child’s Heart

Côte d’Ivoire, 2020

Desert Stars

Israel, 2018-2020

Some numbers

SDGs we follow

Haim Taib, Mitrelli Founder & President

“Economic development is effective only if combined with social benefits.”

Children treated in Israel in the framework of the Save a Child’s Heart NGO


Social projects by Fundação Arte e Cultura