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Ossi Yeto

Providing affordable, reliable, sustainable energy wherever it’s needed.

Our mission

In urban and rural communities, alike, economic growth and quality of life depend upon access to reliable sources of electricity. Ossi Yeto’s cost-effective, leading-edge solutions for electricity production, transmission and distribution help empower people and nations to shape their future.

There are no one-size-fits-all solutions: From full-

scale powerplants to substations and mini-substations, from overhead lines to mini-grids and smart metering solutions, we identify and implement the optimal, tailor-made solution for every region and every challenge, developing sustainable turnkey projects that stress autonomous future operation by local personnel, backed-up by training and ongoing support from Ossi Yeto.

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What we do

Our expertise

Energy for a brighter tomorrow

Ossi Yeto’s comprehensive approach includes everything from initial surveys, through planning, construction, commissioning and maintenance. Its innovative power production solutions include gas turbines, combined-cycle and hydroelectric plants, as well as solar and wind farms.

Our achievements

Reliable, full-time green electricity

Ossi Yeto has taken on major challenges in sustainable energy generation, transmission and distribution, connecting increasing numbers of people to reliable, full-time sources of green electricity. Access to energy has led to noticeable improvements in quality of life, enabling households and businesses to “modernize”, while strengthening people’s ties to government.

Selected projects

Some numbers

SDGs we follow

Peoples connected to electricity


Transformers installed capacity

420K kVA

Overhead-line cables length

2.7K km