Uíge Substation

Angola, 2018-2019

Construction of a new substation (60/15 kV 1x20 MVA) in the new Quilomosso development town, plus 17 km of 60 kV overhead power lines. The project also included a new 220/60 KV 60 MVA transformer bay in the existing Uige 1 substation.

Project story

In order to provide a steady, uninterrupted electrical power supply a new 220/60 kV 60 MVA transformer bay was built at the Uíge1 Substation (220/60 kV 40+60 MVA). 17 km of 60 kV overhead lines were installed, leading from the new transformer bay to the new Quilomosso distribution substation (60/15 kV 1x20 MVA).
The 15 kV grid supplies sustainable energy from the national transmission and distribution grid to 1,010 houses, a kindergarten, primary and graduate schools, a health center, police station and common facilities.

The process


The construction of the new transformer bay at the Uige substation was carried out while the substation was in operation, making the safety of the operation and our workers a top priority. The 60 kV OHL passed through valleys, necessitating work at great heights.


Extremely careful planning was required in order to deal with the challenges presented by the project. Ossi Yeto also provided workers with more than 1,800 hours of safety training.


As a result of the project, the region now has energy 24/7. As a result of careful worker training, zero accidents were reported during the execution of the project.

Some numbers

SDGs we followed

Sustainable energy for


houses, schools, health center, police station and shared facilities.

Energy supply


In conversation
with Anibal Fontes

Anibal Fontes is the Project Director.

My job involved supporting and sponsoring the entire team of Ossi Yeto project managers in all stages of planning, design, purchasing, construction, testing and, energizations, as well as training and after-sales client support. I was responsible for schedule and budget control as well as communication with major stakeholders.

Bringing electrical power from the national grid to people who hadn’t had it for many years was a very rewarding experience, with a great sense of accomplishment. This new town of Quilomosso, with more than a thousand houses, is home to more than 6,000 people.

The sustainable, clean hydroelectric energy we provided also serves hospitals and schools. It will help encourage the area’s development, serving its people, farmers and industries.

What we’ve accomplished here will help people achieve a better livelihood and education, improving their business potential and providing new employment opportunities. These, in turn, will help reduce social differences.

“The sustainable energy we’ve provided will encourage the area’s development."

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