Electrification of the Axis Sumbe-Gabela-Waco Kungo

Angola, 2018-2019

Following construction of a 60/30 kV 20 MVA substation, Ossi Yeto built more than 75 km of 30 kV of OHL’s in Waco Kungo and surrounding villages.

Project story

After completion of construction on the Waco Kungo substation, Ossi Yeto began work on a distribution grid, building 75 km of OHL’s to Waco Kungo as well as 15 surrounding villages. Previously, Waco Kungo’s diesel generators, with a total power of 7 MW, worked only from 16:00 to 24:00 daily. The surrounding villages also depended on diesel generators.
The new distribution grid now provides the region with a steady power supply throughout the day, eliminating the need for the generators. The entire area now enjoys the benefits of renewable, green energy, produced by the Laúca hydroelectric dam.

The process


Local inhabitants had long suffered from a lack of electricity. While the technical aspects of such projects are always challenging, the most complex part of this project was managing the public’s expectations and earning its trust.


Effective communication between local residents and Ossi Yeto went hand-in-hand with the planning and execution of this project.


When local residents saw work on the new OHL’s actually beginning – and they began to enjoy its benefits – they began to believe in the project and even offered to assist in our work.

Some numbers

SDGs we followed

Angop, Angola’s News Agency

“Electricity from Laúca dam now supplying Aldeia Nova.”


Number of villages with steady power supply throughout the day


In conversation
with Venancio Mendonça

Venancio Mendonça is the Project Manager.

As an electrical engineer, I’ve been working in Angola since 2014. I love photography and I was fascinated by the opportunity to capture the country’s stunning natural landscapes while searching for solutions to the project’s challenges.

When people saw the beginning of our work, they began believing that the electricity they’d been waiting for would finally arrive. Their confidence encouraged us and strengthened us. Seeing this, for me, was a source of added value that went far beyond overcoming the challenges that such large projects always face.

“When people saw the beginning of our work, they began believing…”

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