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Agriculture & Fisheries


Food security and sources of livelihood through sustainable agriculture and fisheries.

Our mission

Whether a single farm or an entire community, whether growing field crops or hothouse produce, raising poultry or fish – successful, self-sufficient agricultural and fishery projects require a comprehensive approach, with people at its heart. We design, supply and implement modern farming and livestock systems that maximize results, along with environmentally-friendly aquaculture and fish-farming projects and advanced control systems for open-sea fishing.


We create agro-industrial centers that support the farmers’ enterprise, processing and marketing their produce.

We design advanced, holistic turnkey solutions that lead to thriving agri-businesses, helping ensure nutritional security. Working with other Mitrelli subsidiaries Agricultiva also promotes water conservation, helping to ensure a sustainable agro-future.

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What we do

Our expertise

Creating sustainable agricultural communities

Leveraging cutting-edge expertise, Agricultiva specializes in the construction of unique agriculture and agro-industrial projects, creating efficient, sustainable farming and fisheries projects adapted to specific customer requirements.

Our achievements

Food, jobs, commerce & social development

Agricultiva’s projects contribute to nutritional security as well local and national economies and social fabric. They train local populations for productive jobs, create new employment opportunities and encourage gender equality. Many projects involve improvement of road, water and energy infrastructures.

Selected projects

Some numbers

SDGs we follow

Total egg production per year


Total grain production per year

19K T

Cultivated arable land per year

4.5K ha

Number of jobs created through our projects