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Sustainable water and wastewater solutions to better, healthier living.

Our mission

The availability of clean, quality drinking water is a basic human right, yet, much of the world still suffers from a serious lack of potable water. In many places, untreated wastewater leads to disease and reduced quality of life, while also wasting precious natural resources. Owini takes on these challenges.


Whether in urban areas or the most remote settlements, by identifying available resources Owini experts strive to ensure a reliable, sustainable water supply for households and farms, while treating wastewater to preserve the environment for generations to come. Our focus in all our endeavors is on people.

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What we do

Our expertise

Water, wherever it’s needed

After carrying out in-depth research, Owini designs and implements comprehensive tailor-made turnkey water projects for residential, agricultural and industrial applications. All projects include training local community personnel to assume their future operation and maintenance.

Our achievements

Contributing to nutritional security & good health

Providing clean water and sanitation, Owini’s projects create productive agricultural lands, contribute to nutritional security and reduce disease. By reducing the manual labor required to supply villages with water, many projects encourage gender equality, enabling women to enter productive professions.

Selected projects

Some numbers

SDGs we follow

Local personnel trained to operate and maintain water systems


Community awareness campaigns in 7 provinces of Angola


including flyers distribution as well as educational theatre teaching how to use clean water and care for the systems.

People enjoying access to potable water


Combined laundry & shower units provided


Potable water systems to be provided in remote villages in Côte d'Ivoire