Citizens’ Integrated Services Center (SIAC)

Angola, 2018

Focus Education established the Citizens’ Integrated Services Center in response to the request of Angola’s government to provide a single site able to conveniently provide the local population with most public services.

Project story

In order to improve access to public services, Focus Education established this Citizens’ Integrated Service Center to serve people in the vicinity of Lubango, Huíla province. After evaluating the initial site allotted for the center, a larger and more conveniently located site was chosen. Focus Education adapted the original design to the new plot, adjusted its contractual agreement with the construction company and began building.
The project features a central structure with a waiting area and all principal public services, including banks and the like. Another smaller hall offers additional public services, a traditional community center, a restaurant, a wedding room, a storage room, a guard house and exterior parking. The project was completed on time and within the budget, meeting all construction quality requirements.

The process


It was essential to develop a new level of cooperation and coordination among the participating service-providing bodies, and to educate the public about this new resource.


In parallel with the planning and implementation of the project, Focus Education held ongoing consultations with the service-providers and established a unified framework for cooperation.


We mounted an information campaign to make the public aware of this new and more efficient method for accessing essential services.

Some numbers

SDGs we followed

Public services provided (from 12 partner public bodies)


Additional SIAC’s in the prosses of being established


In conversation
with Frederico Mendonça

Frederico Mendonça is the Project Manager for Construction of SIAC Lubango.

I was responsible for contracting with the construction company that built the new center, and for supervising and controlling the project budget. My duties included evaluating the quality of construction and ensuring that the project was completed according to schedule.

As a result of our work, local people now have access to the majority of public services they require, all conveniently centralized and located in the same building in Lubango. This new facility not only saves people time; it also enhances their relationship with government.

“This new facility not only saves people time; it enhances their relationship with government."

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