TV Zimbo

Angola, 2014-2015

New Cognito planned and established three full broadcast TV Studios for TV Zimbo, supplying and installing state-of-the-art studio backgrounds, graphic engines, camera cranes, control rooms, and more.

Project story

This project sought to upgrade TV Zimbo to international broadcasting standards and best practices. In order to achieve those objectives,
New Cognito restructured the control room,
designed new studios with virtual sets for news
and sports, supplied various software packages for graphics and video editing, playout, compression
and digital TV. We also supplied LiveU’s
to support mobile broadcasting.

Equally important, New Cognito provided advanced professional training for TV Zimbo’s staff, helping them learn to effectively implement these new facilities and technologies. In As part of our commitment, we also provided comprehensive support services for two years.

The process


In addition to its very tight timetable, the project included new technology, unfamiliar to many members of the local staff chosen to operate the television station going forward.


New Cognito had to develop a new acceleration algorithm to mitigate problems of insufficient bandwidth and assure the capacity of mobile bandwidth to support the remote transfer of video content.


An extensive knowledge-transfer program was implemented, introducing the local staff to an entire range of new technologies. Doing so effectively meant learning local cultural norms that influence the style of TV programming in Angola.

Some numbers

SDGs we followed

Angola’s 1st private television station.

TV Studios with state-of-the-art technology renovated from scratch


In conversation
with Edson Silva

Edson Silva is the Project Manager.

This project was rather a new experience for me, one that enriched my knowledge of the field. It demanded that we work according to the highest standards of television, incorporating virtual TV studios and video walls that play an increasingly important role in studio production. We also deployed a system that provides an all-in-one solution for video and graphics processing.

Among the most rewarding aspects of my job was helping the technical team manage, control and display rich media content across various display surfaces in real-time at Ultra HD resolution.

We developed a good, ongoing relationship with our customer, which contributed to the channel’s business continuity.

Angola now has a world-class TV channel. The new level of news and sports studio production also greatly enhanced the quality of the channel’s news reporting. Being part of a big, complex project of this sort gives me a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

“Angola now has a world-class TV channel."

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