National Radio of Angola (RNA)

Angola, 2012-2017

This turnkey project included construction and power solutions, the erection of 36 - 48-meter-high transmission towers and equipment provision and installation for radio studios and small data centers.

Project story

Angola made a strategic decision to expand its radio coverage, in order to deliver local radio content to remote areas that were previously able to receive content only from the capital city. The rational was that the provision of local content plays an important role in community and nation-building.
New Cognito developed and implemented a full turnkey solution, providing radio stations for ten provinces, while delivering professional training to local staff.

The process


The project called for New Cognito to meet a very tight schedule for implementation and presented complex logistical challenges, including poor road conditions and limited access to fuel, which hampered access to some remote areas.


In order to overcome uncertainty regarding the availability of fuel, it was decided to approach this project in a comprehensive manner that included the placement of 5,000-liter fuel tanks in strategic locations near the radio stations.


Redundant systems for communications and power supply were an essential part of project plan. As a result, New Cognito was able to ensure uninterrupted broadcasting. We also provided maintenance for the first 12 months, in order to assure proper operation of the radio stations.

Some numbers

SDGs we followed

Established local radio stations operating in 7 provinces


Estimated area covered by upgraded broadcast signals

78.5 km²

In conversation
with Lutuima Martins

Lutuima Martins is the Project General Manager.

When I became involved in the establishment of Angola’s nationwide network of community radio stations, I had a fascinating encounter with the country and its people, traveling to various locations, encountering different realities and developing close and trusting relationships with our clients. On the personal level, this experience was very enriching, but it also gave me an up-close opportunity to see how the project’s implementation could affect the lives of the people, millions of whom had never had access to radio broadcasts.

But this project not only brought people radio; it brought them local content that helped strengthen the communal fabric, bringing people closer to one another and making them more aware of developments and important issues in their regions, while also keeping people in touch with issues on the national level. As the country continues to move forward, this kind of public awareness and involvement is a crucial element in nation-building.

“Public awareness and involvement is a crucial element in nation-building."

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