Cybersecurity Solutions for the Central Bank of Angola (BNA)

Angola, 2011-present

Working as its principal partner, New Cognito provided consulting, implementation and advisory services for cybersecurity solutions to Angola’s Central Bank (Banco Nacional de Angola – BNA), helping to secure this crucial national asset.

Project story

The project began in 2001 with the design of the network and an IT strategic plan, meant to protect crucial economic and financial data. It grew in scope over time as various elements were added, targeting the main layers of security, reducing vulnerabilities and increasing the system’s robustness.
In parallel, New Cognito worked to enhance the customer’s know-how and security awareness.
The resulting project addresses the “technology x processes x people” triad in a seamless and integrated manner.

The process


Software for financial institutions must adhere to the strictest international guidelines for security and reliability.


In carrying out this highly sensitive project, New Cognito had to earn the customer’s trust and demonstrate cutting-edge performance of our cybersecurity concept.


New Cognito implemented proven cybersecurity solutions and adapted them to the specific needs of the BNA. This relationship has grown and strengthened over time. BNA now considers New Cognito to be its strategic partner in cybersecurity.

Some numbers

SDGs we followed

In conversation
with Project Manager

After previous experience in coordinating technology-based projects for the Mitrelli Group, I was asked to join the team working with BNA’s technology department. My job requires me to manage customer expectations and ensure that all work is performed satisfactorily, thus deepening the bank’s trusting relationship with New Cognito.

This project presents an innovative challenge. Together with professionals of the highest level, we’re opening new technological horizons, working hand-in-hand with the client. It’s remarkable to see how a united, highly-motivated team can overcome all the challenges and obstacles.

Working with full transparency, I feel that New Cognito has been able to give the client a genuine sense of confidence and security.

“New Cognito has been able to give the client a genuine sense of confidence…”

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