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Mitrelli Group leaders

President and Founder

Haim Taib is the Founder of Mitrelli Group, a group that focuses on improving the quality of life in developing countries; the President and Founder of Menomadin Foundation, which specializes in social impact through a blended finance approach that integrates philanthropy and impact investments; and he is also the owner of Menomadin Group, which aims to maximize profits from strategic investments.

Haim’s core values led him to complement his business activities with social ones, and he wishes to pave the way for this to be the agreed upon, standard way of doing business, for other businessmen to follow suit.

Over the years, Haim has been working hard to establish prosperous communities whose members have the opportunities to realize their potential—he is committed to the development and empowerment of societies. Haim’s intuition, empathy and ability to connect with others on a deep level are apparent in the social projects he has established in Africa, where he conducts his business, as well as in Israel, his homeland.

CEO Mitrelli Group

With his rich background leading global public and private hi-tech pacesetters, Yaron Tchwella brings a wealth of experience and cutting-edge vision to Mitrelli Group. For more than 30 years he has guided innovative companies in the development of industry-disrupting products that help shape a better, more sustainable world. Over the years, he has developed worldwide customer bases and earning the respect of senior business executives, top-level government officials and leading financial institutions. Yaron now focuses his unique skills on Mitrelli’s goal of empowering nations and people to advance toward a more prosperous future and better quality of life

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