A Milestone in Our History

22 January, 2020
Mitrelli Headquarters Moved to Switzerland

Following the defined business strategy guidelines, Mitrelli have decided to establish the Group’s corporate headquarters in Switzerland.

2020 was an unusual year, there were challenges to face and unexpected events to overcome. However, this important achievement was accomplished.

Our presence in Switzerland, where high values of integrity and reputation are mandatory, will confirm to our stakeholders that accountability and transparency are characteristics of what we are and how do we operate.

Positioned in this world’s leading financial center, it is our priority to meet with our partners and client’s expectations and build strong and trustful business relationships. It will undoubtedly help us grow, provide greater financial opportunities to leverage from, shape our future, continue to create value for the Group, our employees, and society.

We are all proud of what was achieved and to all the teams involved in this process, our biggest applause.