Angola’s first Science Center unveiled

21 December, 2023
The Luanda Science Center, a space dedicated to promoting science and technology, promises visitors unique and unforgettable experiences

Luanda celebrated the inauguration of Angola’s first Science Center yesterday, December 20, marking a historic advance in the country’s scientific and educational panorama.

This project reflects the expertise of Athena Swiss, Mitrelli’s subsidiary for Tourism, Culture and Leisure, which with comprehensive and meticulous research ensured that every detail of the Centre reflected the aspirations and needs of the community, standing out as a benchmark for excellence and innovation.

Located on the premises of the old soap factory in Luanda, the Science Center, whose construction and provision of equipment and exhibition modules was ensured by Athena Swiss, promotes the exploration of scientific knowledge by transcending traditional educational processes.

The CCL integrates a variety of meticulously designed spaces, including interactive exhibition rooms, workshops that aspire creativity and critical thinking, a multipurpose room, laboratory, kitchen, media library, butterfly garden, an auditorium and the impressive planetarium equipped with a state-of-the-art sound and image system that offers a unique intergalactic experience, allowing visitors to travel through the Universe without leaving the comfort of their seats.

In addition, visitors also can contemplate life-size replicas of dinosaurs that reproduce sounds and movements, allowing them to travel back to this prehistoric era.

This historic milestone, as well as boosting job creation and offering ongoing opportunities, promotes the development of children and young people, exposing them to science and empowering them in a dynamic and interactive way.

With the CCL, the Mitrelli Group has made a concrete contribution to the government’s vision of promoting a knowledge ecosystem where innovation, creativity and the relentless pursuit of knowledge are cultivated in a dynamic and immersive way, accessible to all ages. Angola joins the list of 11 countries out of 54 African countries and territories that have a science center, placing itself at the forefront of scientific propagation throughout the region.

First proposed by the Angolan government in the 1990s, Athena took the lead on this challenge in 2020, successfully transforming the vision into a tangible reality. Today, 28 years after its conception, the results of Athena's dedicated efforts are evident.
The inauguration ceremony, honored by President João Lourenço, who cut the ribbon, and attended by key members of the government, was followed by an extensive tour of the various facilities, including interactive exhibition halls, the planetarium, advanced laboratories and green areas.
Scheduled to open to the public in February 2024, the Luanda Science Center promises its future visitors an exciting journey of innovation, discovery and scientific inspiration.