Announcing a new groundbreaking project: Agropark for Mango Production in Cote d’Ivoire

19 June, 2023
We are thrilled to announce the signing of a groundbreaking project in Ivory Coast that aims to revolutionize the mango sector and boost economic growth in the region.

Designed by Mitrelli’s agriculture subsidiary, Agricultiva, this project, known as Integrated Agropark, focuses on harnessing the export potential of mangoes in the country.
Its objective is to increase foreign currency revenue, raise agricultural incomes, and generate employment opportunities in rural areas.

With Agricultiva’s expertise and the support of Development Finance Institutions (DFIs), this project is set to transform the mango industry and drive sustainable development in Cote d’Ivoire.

Challenges in the Mango Sector in Cote d’Ivoire


Despite being a major European supplier with annual exports of 40,000 tons, Ivory Coast faces issues such as fruit diseases and inadequate post-harvest facilities, resulting in 40% production losses. Traditional farming practices and limited access to modern technologies further hinder competitiveness.

Currently 40%of the country mango production is going to waste 


Agricultiva’s Solution:

The integrated Agropark will address these challenges through a three-step approach:

  1. Enhancing Orchard Productivity: Providing farmers with inputs and advanced techniques to improve mango orchards and increase production.
  2. Post-Harvest Services: Establishing facilities for sorting, packaging, and local/export marketing to reduce losses and enhance mango value.
  3. Export-Oriented Training: Equipping farmers with skills for an export-focused mango sector, improving fruit quality and meeting international market demands.


The Agropark will consist of two key sites:

Site 1: Post-Harvest Facility and Mango Processing Center: Equipped with advanced sorting, packaging, cold storage, and processing facilities.
Equipped with advanced technology, this facility ensures the preservation and quality of mangoes from harvest to distribution. It efficiently sorts mangoes and produces frozen mango cubes and dried mangoes as valuable by-products. This facility enhances post-harvest operations and adds value to mango products, contributing to the growth of the mango industry.

Site 2: Mango Orchard Improvement Center: providing inputs, technology, and knowledge to enhance mango orchards and support farmers.

The facility will include a mango nursery for 100,000 plants, a training center for extension staff, five expert pruning groups with mechanical equipment handling 500 trees per day, a mango supply center providing farmers with new mango trees, fertilizers, pest control products and other necessary inputs.


The Impact:

The Agropark aims to achieve multiple transformative outcomes:

  • Increased Productivity: Boosting exports, reducing fruit deterioration, and expanding
  • commercialization opportunities.
  • Socioeconomic Development: Creating employment opportunities, particularly for youth, and stimulating rural economic growth.
  • Foreign Currency Earnings: Enhancing foreign currency revenue through increased exports.
  • Industrial Potential: Enabling the production of value-added mango products for industrial use.

The Agropark is set to revolutionize Ivory Coast’s mango sector by empowering farmers, improving quality, and increasing exports. With its comprehensive approach and focus on sustainability, the project paves the way for a prosperous future in the mango industry, benefiting the country’s economy, employment, and agricultural communities.