Mitrelli Group Inaugurates Bengo’s Teresa Afonso Gomes Urban Community

9 November, 2023
Kora accomplished a noteworthy milestone a few weeks after commemorating its 13th anniversary: the Teresa Afonso Gomes Centrality was inaugurated, attended by Angolan President H.E. Joao Lourenco.

On 6 November 2023,  Mitrelli Group celebrated the inauguration of the first phase of the Teresa Afonso Gomes Centrality in Bengo province, marking a significant step in impactful urban development in Angola.

Through the expertise of the Kora subsidiary for urban solutions, the project, overseen by the Ministry of Public Works, Urbanism and Housing, delivers 486 housing units and a range of essential services.

The Teresa Afonso Gomes Urban Community includes internal infrastructure, including road networks, public lighting, water supply and electricity distribution, car parks, leisure areas and green spaces. Its buildings have two, three and four floors, and there are also ground-floor villas, all with three bedrooms and an average floor area of 100 m2.

It also offers a full range of social services, including a primary school, secondary school, children’s centre, health centre and other amenities, providing its inhabitants with a complete and well-equipped community that ensures uninterrupted access to drinking water and electricity, which are fundamental to improving the quality of life of the residents.

The conclusion of this project highlights the decisive collaboration between the Mitrelli Group’s subsidiaries; Ossi Yeto, responsible for the electrical infrastructure; Owini, for the water supply, and Focus Education, for the school equipment, highlighting the group’s ability to overcome complex urban development challenges.

Focus Education, a subsidiary of the Mitrelli Group, contributed to the project by developing an innovative digital classroom, donated by the Mitrelli Group, to provide online education and digital training to the young residents. This initiative aims to expand the skills and employment prospects of young people, in consonance with the group’s vision of sustainable development.

The Urban Community also offers a digital plaza equipped with solar-powered mobile phone charging devices, offering internet access to the entire community.

The completion of the second phase will bring the total number of homes to 976, housing around 7,000 people. This will strengthen community cohesion, provided by the educational, health and leisure opportunities that are essential to a thriving lifestyle.

The Mitrelli Group, with its subsidiaries, continues to be an agent of positive change in Angola, contributing to a prosperous and sustainable future for all, driving social progress.

At the inauguration, the President of the Republic of Angola, H.E. João Lourenço, emphasised the importance of this project for the sustainable development of the region, applauding the Mitrelli Group's efforts to boost social and economic progress in Angola.
The Urban Community includes schools, children's and health centres, a polici station and other amenities.