Bringing the Job Home – Working Remotely during COVID-19

3 March, 2020
On the job, Online

The need to maintain social distancing during the global Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we work – with more and more of our activities taking place from home.

To protect its people while maintaining the continuity of its operations, Mitrelli Group immediately adopted safety measures. With the wide availability of high-speed internet, we found that a wide range of activities could be effectively carried out remotely. The transition presented numerous challenges, among them the need to manage one’s time and maintain concentration while surrounded by family members, many of them small children.

The upside? We succeeded in moving forward, meeting our commitments, and even coming out stronger that we imagined was possible. No less important, we’ll all share new memories of moments spent together online — and missions accomplished – in these unique times. And, above all, we stayed safe!