Field Hospitals Assembled in Angola

30 May, 2020
Promed International in the Frontline Against Covid-19 in Angola

In the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, Promed International has played a key role as a partner of the Angolan Authorities, ensuring the availability and delivery of essential hospital equipment and facilities.

Covid-19 came up unexpectedly early last year. Healthcare systems around the world were overloaded and had to find solutions and partners to respond to the demand.

Angola, that already has a fragile health system, did not have enough well-equipped hospitals to fight the pandemic. In this context, Promed stood out as a specialized and efficient partner, and in record time, supplied and assembled large field hospital structures, in an unprecedented operation.

The huge logistical and technical challenges were overcome, and three field hospitals were transported from the United States to Angola via Belgium.

The three field hospitals with a total capacity of 200 beds and an area of 4,500 m2 each, were set up in the provinces of Cabinda, Lunda Norte and Cunene.

Each field hospital was a synergetic turnkey project, that involved in its taskforce the participation of other subsidiaries such as Ossi Yeto, showing the outstanding performance of Mitrelli Group.