Focus Education Contributes to Youth Development in Rural Communities

16 November, 2020
Because People Build Nations

Focus Education is a Mitrelli Group subsidiary that carries out projects in the areas of development, training and employability, giving its contribution in the countries in which it operates.

Under MAPTESS (Ministry of Public Administration, Work Social Security) contract, “Cidadelas de Jovens de Sucesso” (Centres for Youth Training and Development) have been implemented by Focus Education since 2011 in the provinces of Luanda, Moxico, Malange, Cabinda and Huíla.

Currently, CJS construction works in Uíge Province have already started, and CJS(s) will also be implemented in Huambo and Cuando Cubango Provinces in the future.

In these CJS(s), young people receive training in core subjects such as Portuguese, Mathematics and IT, and they also have the possibility of receiving professional training in Agriculture / Livestock, Electricity, Metalwork or Carpentry.

These are turnkey projects and Focus Education provides operational assistance and monitoring for a period of one year after their inauguration.

Local authorities consider that these projects are of great importance for the development of rural communities, and in particular for the development of youth.

These nationwide projects are part of the MAPTESS Action Plan to promote Employability in remote rural areas, allowing young people to receive training and giving them a unique opportunity to experience progress and to be successful.