Haim Taib’s vision for the future of Africa and Israel

27 March, 2022
The Founder and President is Going to Share His Unique Vision at the First Jerusalem Post London Conference

The Founder and President of Mitrelli GroupMenomadin Group and Menomadin Foundation Haim Taib outlines the milestones in his life that made him the visionary leader he is today, in an in-depth conversation with the Jerusalem Post:
from his childhood in Jerusalem, to the first steps he took in Angola as an entrepreneur and through the many contributions he and his groups are making in Africa and Israel.

Haim will be a key speaker at the First Jerusalem Post London Conference, where he is going to share his unique nation-building model based on his successes in Angola and across Africa, its connection with the State of Israel, and how it can be expanded to other countries on the African continent.

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