Mitrelli Group in Senegal

20 September, 2022
Mitrelli has carried out dozens of large-scale projects on the African continent and we are now very proud and excited to use our know-how, experience and technology for new projects in Senegal.

Senegal is a country with great development potential, thanks to its economic fabric, its natural resources but also and above all the dynamism of a highly qualified youth.

The current President, H.E, Mr. Macky Sall has a vision for his country and developed with his government the Plan for an Emerging Senegal (PES), a new policy framework aiming at getting Senegal onto the road to development by 2035.

Mitrelli Group wants to support the process of realizing the potential of the country in a logic of long-term partnership. We opened our offices in Senegal in 2019 and have seen Mitrelli’s first projects started recently.


Our projects in Senegal

We recently laid the cornerstones of 2 really important projects:

  • The Agropole West, which is one of the flagship projects of the Plan for an Emerging Senegal (PES).

The project developed by Agricultiva, Mitrelli Group’s agriculture subsidiary, is located across three municipalities, Malicounda, Nguéniène and Sandiara, 85 kilometers southeast of the capital Dakar. The Agropole aims to significantly increase food production and agricultural employment and provide agro-industrial logistics, support services and post-harvesting for all local agricultural activities.

The Agropole’s water supply will also be innovative. Twenty boreholes, added to the recovery of surface water during the winter period, will provide the 8 million cubic meters of water per year that will be necessary to meet the needs of the agropole, at full speed.

The final project will cover 1,160 Ha and will be equipped with advanced technologies. The Agropole West will include three agricultural development and training centers with open fields crops, different types of farm activities (egg, dairy, sheep) and logistics centers. In addition, the Agropole will have private farming areas and an allocated zone for nomad cattle herdsmen including veterinary health and vaccination facilities and feed supply. To complete the value chain, the Agro-industry Center (AIC) will serve as the main supply of all agricultural inputs, initial processing and marketing of all products, training and extension services to all the farmers in the area.


The Agropole will have a significant economic and social long-term impact on farming in the area and the wellbeing of the residents. It will lead to a large increase in income for the population in the three municipalities, creating 3,000 direct jobs and 8,000 indirect jobs, increasing the local area’s self-sufficiency and Senegal’s national food security. It will provide education and modern agricultural training for the farming communities (for example the use of brackish saline water and modern sheep production) empowering communities through knowledge transfer.
Ultimately, the project will affect and benefit hundreds of thousands of people.

  • The construction 23 advanced vocational training centers across the country to help realize the potential of Senegal’s youth.

Focus Education, the education and professional training arm of Mitrelli Group, will be building state of the art, innovative facilities, equipped with advanced computer classrooms, laboratories and workshops.

14 different training programs will be offered, with each center focusing on specific courses meeting the specific needs of the region of its implementation.  These include food production and modern agricultural value-chain, irrigation and water treatment, informatics, wood transformation, textile, energy, and more. All the centers will offer advanced training in information technology, the cornerstones of the digital economy.


Reaching up to 30,000 young adults annually, the centers are aimed at providing in-demand skills to dramatically increase employment rates, promoting access to the labor market and creating opportunities for rapid socio-economic integration for young graduates all over Senegal.



Mitrelli is honored to contribute to the realization of the Senegalese government’s vision. Aimed at promoting economic growth, food sovereignty, community empowerment and sustainable development.”

Haim Taib, Founder and President of the Mitrelli Group.

Illustration of the project with training and logistics centers, private farming areas and allocated zone for nomad cattle hersdmen.
The president of Senegal H.E Macky Sall, Yaron Tchwella, CEO of Mitrelli Group, and Efraim Meslet, country director Mitrelli Senegal, along with Agricultiva's team laid the first stone of the Agropole west.
Illustration of the training centers with workshops and laboratories, computer classes, conference rooms and dormitories.
The Minister of Employment, Vocational Training, Apprenticeship and Integration, Mr. Dame Diop, and Mr. Efraim Meslet, Country Director of the Mitrelli Group in Senegal laid the first stone of the advanced training centers.
Mitrelli's team in Senegal celebrating the cornerstone of the 23 vocational centers.