On the Ground Survey of Mitrelli Group Projects in Angola

24 February, 2020
With our fingers on the pulse in Africa

The Mitrelli Group operates internationally in various business sectors, with a large portfolio of projects. Our activities in the agriculture & fisheries, construction, health, IT, geographic information, education, energy and water sectors give us a competitive advantage and allow Mitrelli to create innovative turnkey solutions.

This year, a multidisciplinary team, led by Mitrelli’s Founder and President Haim Taib, carried out a comprehensive round of project evaluations throughout Angola, observing the progress of implementation of some and examining the operational efficiency and effectiveness of others.

Mitrelli Group’s mission is to develop integrative, synergetic, self-sustaining projects focused on the wellbeing of the populations it serves. We’re genuinely proud each time another idea comes to life.