“Save a Child’s Heart” will Fly Congolese Children to Life-saving Heart Surgery in Israel

10 November, 2021
In a first, SACH will provide medical care for Congolese children in Israel, as part of the strengthening relationship between the two countries

Haim Taib, president of Save a Child’s Heart Africa and founder of the Mitrelli Group, had a suprise for The Democratic Republic of Congo, President Felix Tshisekedi: the Israeli organization would be bringing its first group of Congolese children to the country for life-saving heart surgery.

During a state dinner hosted by President of Israel, Mr. Issac Herzog, Haim Taib met with Tshisikedi and presented his plan for the Congolese children.

According to Taib, five children aged 1-12 will be flown to Israel in the coming weeks. There they will stay at “Save a Child’s Heart” children’s home in the city of Holon, and will be treated at “Wolfson Medical Center” in the city.

We invite you to read about “Save a Child’s Heart” emotional meeting as published by The Times of Israel.