Introducing Cabinda Centrality: 400 new homes in its first phase

4 September, 2023
The Cabinda Urban Community, developed and built by Kora, our subsidiary for Real-Estate and Urbanization, was officially inaugurated last Thursday, 31 August.

The project, which is the responsibility of the Ministry of Public Works, Urbanism and Housing, comprises a total of 2,940 three-bedroom housing units and 180 shops and, in this first phase, 470 homes and 72 shops have already been completed and are available.

The inauguration was attended by the Minister of State for Social Integration, Dalva Ringote, the Minister of Public Works, Urbanism and Housing, Carlos Alberto dos Santos, the Secretary of State for Urbanism and Housing, Manuel Canguezeze, the governor of Cabinda province, Mara Baptista Quiosa, the deputy governors of the province, the chairman of the Executive Board of the Housing Development Fund (FFH) and the deputy director-general of the National Housing Institute (INH), as well as Rodrigo Manso, director-general of the Mitrelli Group for Angola, and Henrique Costa, general manager of Kora.


This is an extremely important project for the people of Cabinda, which will offer a range of amenities and infrastructures to its residents. I am sure that Cabinda Centrality will become a vibrant and prosperous community, offering its residents a high quality of life and a range of opportunities for growth and development,” affirmed Henrique Costa, general manager of Kora.


The first 470 units will provide a home for approximately 3,300 people, and once the project is complete, nearly 21,000 inhabitants are expected. The stores, measuring 34 square meters, will be available to local businesspeople and entrepreneurs.


In terms of social facilities, in this first phase, a Police Station, and a Primary School with 24 classrooms have already been completed. Until the end of the project, a health center, another elementary school with 24 classrooms, two kindergartens with nine classrooms, two children’s centers, a secondary school with 12 classrooms, a professional technical institute, a soccer field, and three sports courts will be built, making a total of 14 social facilities.

The project also includes a complete water treatment and supply system and a wastewater treatment plant, as well as an extensive road network and a substation to supply electricity.

This is once again a representation of our differential approach: The synergy between our Group’s subsidiaries, including Ossi Yeto, Owini, and Focus Education, which have been instrumental in the installation of the electrical substation, the development of both Water Supply and Treatment Plants, and the Primary School.

The urban communities implemented by Kora are based on a concept that goes beyond the housing process, as their main objective is to create a safe place for families and communities to live and thrive, equipped with modern facilities and infrastructures that provide well-deserved living conditions.