The New Modern Bengo General Hospital

8 November, 2023
Commitment to Excellence in Health and Development Renewed in Angola

The Bengo General Hospital, Reverendo Guilherme Pereira Inglês, was officially inaugurated on 6 November 2023, marking a significant milestone in expanding access to advanced healthcare in Bengo province.

The project was led by the Mitrelli Group, through its subsidiary Promed International, which, with its vast experience in implementing healthcare infrastructures, took charge of the design and construction of the hospital, guaranteeing not only modern facilities, but also the efficient management of all phases of the project.

As part of the Angolan government’s strategy, the Bengo General Hospital aims to expand access to excellent healthcare and strengthen healthcare infrastructures, aligning with the World Health Organisation’s Sustainable Development Goals for 2023.

The Bengo Hospital, with a covered area of more than 15,000m² and 15 clinical areas, offers a service capacity of 200 beds, providing its users with a full range of modern medical equipment and services, centralized imaging systems and other devices adapted to the needs of the population of Bengo province.

The specialities include Sample Collection, Haemodialysis, Rehabilitation, Minor Surgery, Outpatient Consultations, Imaging, Operating Theatre, Intensive Care Unit, Emergency Department, Neonatal Department, Delivery Centre, Sterilisation, Pharmacy and Laboratories.

The project resulted from the effective synergy of the Mitrelli Group’s subsidiary companies, each of which played a vital role: Kora, that was instrumental in building the infrastructure with precision; Ossi Yeto established reliable energy connections to power the hospital; Owini, to which was given responsibility for the water supply system; New Cognito, that implemented an integrated digital information system; and Yapama ensuring high-quality medical equipment and training for the hospital’s teams.

The Bengo General Hospital is emerging as the third and most modern hospital in the province, promising to meet the medical needs of more than 450,000 inhabitants, representing a significant step forward in improving access to healthcare in the region. It will also have a significant impact on social and economic development, with the creation of around 1,046 job opportunities, including doctors, nurses, diagnostic technicians and therapists, and management professionals.

Minister of Health, Dr. Sílvia Paula Valentim Lutucuta, President of the Republic João Lourenço and Chairman and Founder of the Mitrelli Group, Haim Taib, at the presentation of the Hospital.
This project was inaugurated by His Excellency João Lourenço, President of the Republic of Angola.