Agricultiva is Launching A Groundbreaking Agro-Industrial Project

10 August, 2022
The "Agropole" is one of the centerpiece initiatives of Senegal's vision 2035

Agricultiva, Mitrelli Group’s subsidiary in the Agriculture sector, is set to build a ground-breaking Agropole project in Senegal – an Agro-Industrial Processing Zone, that is expected to impact local agriculture, bring innovation, and enhance Senegal’s food security.

The Agropole will have a significant economic and social impact, increasing Senegal’s national food security and creating 3,000 direct jobs and 8,000 indirect jobs. It will also provide education and modern agricultural training for the farming communities empowering local population through know-how transfer.

On a 1,160 Ha, the Agropolewest will include crops, farming, veterinary facilities, and agricultural development and training centers.
Agricultiva’s AIC (Agro-industry Center) will act as the primary supplier of all agricultural inputs.

The Agropole was official launched in a formal ceremony, where the Minister of Industrial Development, Small and Middle size industries, Mr Moustapha Diop, laid the first stone along with Yaron Tchwella, CEO of Mitrelli Group and Efraim Meslet, Country director of the Mitrelli Group in Senegal.