To promote health and well-being for all, we deliver the solution and the structure to all healthcare challenges, with a thorough overview of the needs answered by cost-effective and innovative approaches, striving towards international health standards. We plan, build and operate advanced medical facilities such as hospitals, clinics and mobile units, providing quality services. To management, training and technical support, we add the human factor that enables the physical structure to work.

Establishing distribution partnerships with leader companies in the fields of diagnostics and medical devices, we also provide the most adequate answer in the supply of medical equipment, pharmaceuticals and consumables, contributing to providing reliable and high-quality healthcare equipment and products where most needed.


Medical Centers

Contributing to improving a nation’s health through the best medical services and development of outstanding personnel we design ambulatory medical centers equipped  with advanced medical service infrastructure that provide high-quality professional services with international standards, introducing a new level of patient-centered healthcare in developing countries.

Mitrelli health LMC

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Mitrelli Health LMC

LMC Superbank2019

Luanda Medical Center (LMC) is a 6,000 square meter state-of-the-art ambulatory medical center located in Luanda, Angola. With international accreditation, LMC provides high-level professional service and exceptional customer experience to more than 800 patients per day, being a second home to more than 400 dedicated staff.  Introducing a new level of healthcare in this Sub-Saharan region of Africa, LMC was recognized  for the second consecutive year (2019 and 2020) as a “Superbrand”, the first to win such an award in the health sector in Angola.


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